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Montana Families For Health Freedom
Mission Statement
    The MT Families for Health Freedom is a group of people dedicated to educating Montana families about the choices around vaccinations and other health issues.

  • Our MISSION is to educate Montana families regarding their healthcare options and empower them to make informed health choices. We will raise the awareness of policy makers while actively addressing health freedom on a local and statewide basis.

  • We BELIEVE it is important to protect the rights of families in Montana to exercise freedom of choice in selecting the best health care available from all modalities for the healing arts including natural and complementary care.

  • Our VISION is an environment in which the health of the community is promoted by each family having the broadest possible choice of affordable healthcare options and the legally protected right to choose the approaches that they believe will maximize their health.

Montana Families For Health Freedom organized in the Fall of 2008.

We are dedicated to promoting informed choice in the areas of:
  • Vaccination

  • Food and Supplements

  • Environment

  • Choice of Health Care Practioners

  • We need your help. If you are interested in helping, please contact us. If you are willing to write letters to the Representative and Senator for your Montana district or telephone Helena and leave a simple vote Yes or No on issues for your Representative and/or Senator, this will be useful in promoting legislation that is health and health choice friendly as well as useful in defeating legislation that is health choice unfriendly.

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Contact Us. Requests for membership information will be honored.