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Estimated Vaccination Coverage for Montana Children - Year 2009
Update for 2009-10 school year.
Update: MMWR report from the CDC for June 3, 2011:
Montana Kindergarten Pop.  Surveyed     Poliovirus   DTP/DTaP/DT   MMR   Hepatitis B Varicella
	12,335		    98.8 %	   96.9         96.7       95.5   Not required
Read whole report here:
June 3 2011 Vaccination Coverage Among Children in Kindergarten - US, 2009-2010 School year

The following consists of excerpts from:

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
National, State, and Local Area Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 19--35 Months --- United States, 2009
To estimate coverage for all age-eligible children, NIS uses a quarterly, random-digit--dialed sample of telephone numbers for the 50 states and selected urban areas and territories,* followed by a mail survey of the children's vaccination providers to collect vaccination information. Data were weighted to represent the population of children aged 19--35 months, with adjustments for households with multiple telephone lines, household nonresponse, and exclusion of households without landline telephones.† During 2009, the household response rate§ was 63.9%; a total of 17,313 children with provider-reported vaccination records were included in this report, representing 70.7% of all children with completed household interviews.

Editorial Comment:
17,313 children nationwide means that Montana, with about 1 million population in a country of 300 million, had about 17,313 ÷ 300 or somewhere in the vicinity of 58 Montana children were included in the survey by their vaccine providers from a total of about 82 Montana children included in household telephone surveys.

TABLE 2. Estimated vaccination coverage for vaccination series (modified)* and selected individual vaccines among children aged 19--35 months, by state and local area --- National Immunization Survey, United States, 2009

MMR (≥1 doses)

PCV (≥4 doses)

Hep B (birth)§

HepA (≥2 doses)


Vaccine series (modified)



(95% CI)


(95% CI)


(95% CI)


(95% CI)


(95% CI)


(95% CI)

United States


























Editorial comment:
It should also be noted that nationwide, the percentage of grade 1-12 children who receive all the "recommended" vaccinations is about 99 percent. Montana does not differ markedly from the national average of 99 percent vaccinated school aged children.