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Safer Vaccines
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Safer Vaccines
Safer Vaccination Schedules
Disclaimer: We do not give medical advice. This page is for information only.

Some parents want information on how to make vaccination safer. The links below should provide the basic concepts which fall into 4 categories:

"Greener Vaccines"   |   Delayed Vaccination   |   Selective Vaccination   |   and No Vaccination

"Greener Vaccines"

A Recommendation by Dr. Miller "that it is best to avoid all vaccines." with an older A User-Friendly Vaccine Schedule


Page of links regarding "Green Our Vaccines"

Delayed Vaccination Schedule

Web page article:
December 10, 2004
A User-Friendly Vaccination Schedule
by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

An Update on the above Vaccination Schedule

Selective Vaccination

Use the Religious Exemption, and where available the Philosophical Exemption, to avoid specific vaccines such as those made with aborted fetal tissue.
Exemptions: Laws and Forms

No Vaccination

Saying No to Vaccines
A Resource Guide for Everyone Concerned With Vaccination

Links to Video, Book and Blog